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Our customers are our best salespeople.

At Gibraltar Pools we are proud of our reputation and we are grateful to our new customers for allowing us to share their letters of appreciation with you.

Michelle G. - Dover, NH

Michelle G. - Dover, NH - Proud Owner of a Gibraltar Pool Pool installed June, 2006

We absolutely love our Gibraltar pool! The pool is very easy to maintain and it makes summers in New Hampshire bearable with the heat and humidity. The kids love to invite friends over and spend the day lounging in the pool and playing water games. My husband and I exercise daily swimming laps in our pool.

We highly recommend a Gibraltar pool.

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Maurie & Nancy N. - Pelham, NH

Maurie and Nancy N. - Pelham, NH - Proud Owner of a Gibraltar Pool Pool installed August, 2007

We love this pool! Perfect size! Perfect depth! Perfect price! Perfect backyard resort for the entire family! No more trips to the ocean, lake or gas station!

We think Gibraltar has the best on-ground pool available. It's made for the New England climate. We did a lot of research before purchasing it last year and now, with the price of gas, we're really happy we bought it. This pool is easy to maintain, looks great, and thanks to the solar cover, warms up quickly. It's simply the best!

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Anthony & Marie M. - Weymouth, MA

Anthony and Marie M. - Weymouth, MA - Proud Owner of a Gibraltar Pool Pool installed June, 2007

Please tell us why you love your Gibraltar Pool! We love the convienence of just stepping out our back door and walking to the pool deck, and jumping in. No traffic or gas hassles,loading up the car,etc.

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Stephen Mu. - Berkley, MA

Stephen Mu - Berkley, MA - Proud Owner of a Gibraltar Pool Pool installed May, 2005

Our pool has brought us many hour of enjoyment without the burden of high maintenance. It provides us with a relaxing way to cool off during the hot summer months as well as giving us a way to spend quality time as a family.

Other than great entertainment at cookouts, our pool offers me, a disabled veteran, a great way to rehabilitate and rejuvenate my tired body.

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Nicole M. - Alton, NH

Nichole M. - Alton, NH - Proud Owner of a Gibraltar Pool

I love my Gibraltar pool because it lived up to its reputation as a self cleaning pool! This is so true – I may vacuum this pool once a year (only if I want to...not because I have to!) My husband doubted this pool would be as easy as they said it would be to maintain; but it's actually easier than we could have imagined! The water is always crystal clear and ready for swimming. I secretly smile when my friend who has an in ground pool complains about how she needs to vacuum her pool 2-3 times a week...this confirms my delight in the decision to buy a Gibraltar!

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