10 Myths

10 Myths

About Owning A Pool

Here are the top 10 myths – and some helpful tips – about owning and maintaining a swimming pool.

  1. “I can’t afford a pool.” – Owning a pool is probably a lot easier than you think. There are many reasonably priced options for putting a pool in your backyard. You should also remember that your pool will help reduce other expenses, such as the cost of vacations away from home, membership dues to community pools, beach admission fees and other recreational activities. Save gas, stay home and experience the good life in your Gibraltar Pool.
  2. “My yard will be ruined for a year and workmen will be around all the time.” – An accurate understanding of the installation process will help you develop realistic expectations for the completion of your pool. Don’t want your yard disturbed for a month by inground construction? Most Gibraltar Pools are completed in just a day! Our friendly office staff will “hold your hand” throughout the process to keep you informed of the schedule at all times, and our expert installers will communicate with you every step of the way.
  3. “It takes too much time and effort to maintain a pool.” – Owning other types of pools can be a real chore –it would be like adding another room to your housecleaning duties. Unless you’re looking for an unpaid part-time job, why add to your labors? With the Gibraltar Pool’s self-cleaning triple filtration system, arduous daily vacuuming is unneccesary –Our Gibraltar Pool is virtually SELF-CLEANING!
  4. “My electric bill will significantly go up if I own a pool.” – Utility bills vary depending on where you live and who your provider is, but an informal survey of Gibraltar pool owners demonstrates that utility bills only increased between $25 and $38 a month for six months of the year. But that’s nothing when compared to the money you’d otherwise spend on entertainment, vacations, traffic-filled treks to the Cape or other beach areas, and trips to the community pool, including the expense of gasoline, food, lodging and concessions. By contrast, a single room air conditioner can account for an electric bill rise of $130 per month or more.
  5. “I have no room for a pool.” – Our pools can be built in many sizes and configurations ranging from very tiny to extra spacious. THERE IS A SIZE FOR ALMOST EVERY SITUATION AND EVERY BACKYARD. It would be wise indeed to avial yourself of our no-obligation Free Backyard Survey to have a factory-trained professional visit your backyard and inform you about the whole gamut of sizing possibilities.
  6. “I’ve seen pool companies come and go. How will I know you will be around?” – Gibraltar Pools is a well established pillar of the pool industry. We are one of only seven companies to have a seat on the advisory board of the APSP, the leading trade organization for Pool and Spa Professionals. The largest and oldest pool company in New England, Gibraltar Pools is a household name known to just about everybody in the six New England states. Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere.
  7. “Pools require constant repair.” – Ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers about their own Gibraltar Pools. They will tell you what a breeze it is to be a Gibraltar Pool owner. Our Service Technicians are the “Maytag Repairmen” of the industry, not often called upon but standing by, just in case. (A modicum of care is required of all pools, naturally, and the Gibraltar Pool is no exception. Proper winterization of your pool, though minimal in terms of effort and time, should be observed.) Thus, a “small in size” though “complete in scope” Owner’s Manual is included with every Gibraltar Pool, as well as a comprehensive new “Easy Care” DVD produced exclusively for new Gibraltar Pool Owners.
  8. “How can I tell the pool is installed properly?” – You can rely on Gibraltar Pools for a complete and satisfactory installation. Gibraltar Pools Corp. has installed more than 7,800 pools in New England, and our four Installation Foremen have a combined total of 92 years of Gibraltar Pool installing experience under their belts. Rest assured knowing your pool will be assembled by seasoned experts, Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.
  9. “A pool is a big investment and I’m afraid that financing will be really difficult.” – Homeowners can finance their pool and spa purchases with an array of surprisingly low payment plans. Gibraltar Pools has many years of industry experience and can explain financing options, loan terms and current interest rates to help you find a manageable monthly payment plan.
  10. “I’ve heard that pools detract from the appeal of a home in the real estate market instead of adding to it.” – With a built-in pool, perhaps. It is true that a certain segment of prospective home buyers do not want a pool. For others, such as families with children or exercise-conscious couples, buying a house with a pool is a delightful bonus. The Gibraltar Pool can be moved and re-constructed at a new site, unlike an inground pool. That alone means that the Gibraltar will never hinder a home sale. In contrast, an inground can certainly be an impediment. Likewise, flimsy round or oval above-ground pools that cannot withstand the dismantling and rebuilding process are not only visually unappealing, but less likely to help you sell your home.

Call Today! 1-800-USA-SWIM (1-800-872-7946) gets you our free, no-obligation backyard survey. We will look at the job site, make recommendations and show you all the components and design features of our pool. Then, we can custom design our pool to meet your requirements, as well as discuss the prices and creative financing options that we have available. You take it from there.