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Choosing the Right Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover

By this time of year heavy snow has begun to weigh down your swimming pool cover and you may have already seen ripping or tearing if you did not chose the right pool cover last fall.

Swimming pool covers prevent snow, dirt and other debris from getting into the pool during the off seasons when your pool is not in use. There are several different types of pool covers that cater to different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right pool cover will not only protect your investment, it will make opening your pool for the season a lot easier!

When choosing a winter cover for your above ground swimming pool, you will want a cover that is sturdy with well-reinforced grommets. These grommets can be tied down with cable or heavily stitched straps to secure water tubes which weigh the cover down. A strong winter storm can easily blow off a swimming pool cover that is not secured properly. Always read the specifications of the pool cover you are purchasing or ask Gibraltar Pools for help choosing the above ground swimming pool cover that is right for you.

A solid pool cover makes spring openings very easy. A solid cover also keeps leaves and other debris from getting into your pool and a good quality solid cover also blocks sunlight. Not allowing damaging UV rays to penetrate the cover greatly reduces chemical break down and inhibits algae growth as the water begins to warm in early spring. For easy cover clean up, small submersible cover pumps are an affordable and convenient way to remove the water which will accumulate on the cover. Either way if the cover is installed correctly you will be delighted to see crystal clear water and a debris free pool ready for summer swimming.

A mesh cover is a great option for those who don’t want to deal with water build up. Allowing rain and melting snow to enter the pool avoids the need to remove standing water, but the mesh material also allows sunlight to penetrate the cover encouraging algae growth as the water begins to warm. Closing the pool later in fall and opening it earlier while the water is still very cold will help avoid green swampy water and save you money on chemicals to clear it!

Although not available for other above ground pools, safety covers are a very popular option for Gibraltar Pool owners. Safety covers latch down to the pool and are drum tight. Standing water becomes a non-issue and leaves simply blow off leaving your pool. The level of safety cannot be matched. When properly installed, a good safety cover is impenetrable by children and pets. Installation and removal of a safety cover is a snap taking only minutes allowing you to open and close your pool in a fraction of the time.

Solid, mesh or safety, which ever you choose a good quality winter over for your above ground swimming pool is essential to protecting your investment from the dangers of winter.

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