Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

Some of the many exclusive features of the Gibraltar Pool™

Don’t be a slave to your pool! Let the Gibraltar Pool™ do the work for you! A Gibraltar Pool™ is engineered to provide years of worry-free enjoyment. There is a good reason we are #1 in New England when it comes to backyard pools – A Gibraltar Pool™ is simply the best pool you can buy!

  • The Gibraltar Pool™ is engineered to stay beautiful. The pool walls, so important to the structural integrity of on-ground swimming pools, won’t dry out, become brittle and crack like so-called resin (plastic) pool walls can. You’ll see why the Gibraltar Pool™ is simply “Strong as the Rock”!
  • Six U.S. Government Patents.
    Engineering has developed exclusive advanced state-of-the-art features no one else can match: our 71/2″

  • The Gibraltar Safety View™ liner is a 22-mil winterized virgin vinyl liner, containing a variety of deterioration prevention features. The patented custom liner-fit system assures longer liner life. The tile print border oozes luxury, and you’ll be awed by the rich, striking appearance of our exclusive terazzo marble floor design. Come on in… the water’s fine… Glistening… Aqua Blue… Crystal Clear!
  • Finished Metal – Unlike any pool you can name, all the metal that can be touched on a Gibraltar Pool is ”finished” -meaning no rough or sharp edges anywhere. Safety again! (Even your refrigerator doesn’t have all finished metal!)
  • A Walk-Up Staircase – Wide steps, two handrails and two support grips within easy reach make the typical small, steep outside pool ladders seem hazardous by comparison. Carrying dishes or children? Elderly? Or partially handicapped? The Gibraltar staircase can mean the difference between using a solid staircase-like entrance and a wobbly ladder. And the same is true for Gibraltar’s huge heavy-duty stainless steel in-pool ladders.

  • Our unique Alum-A-Clad™ patio decking system completely surrounds your refreshing aqua blue paradise on all four sides, eliminating the need to build a costly, high-maintenance wooden deck as most other pools require. Alum-A-Clad™stays put. Also, our deck is not carpeted like some pool decks are… it will not become moldy and mildewy in our rough New England climate! It is the same decking used by leading yacht makers as boat decking. (Important! Our deck is permanently custom fitted and not an “add-on” option… it will not separate from the pool wall as other above-ground decks are prone to do, leaving unsafe gaps between the water and the deck. This deck stays put.

Call Today! 1-800-USA-SWIM (1-800-872-7946) gets you our free, no-obligation backyard survey. We will look at the job site, make recommendations and show you all the components and design features of our pool. Then, we can custom design our pool to meet your requirements, as well as discuss the prices and creative financing options that we have available. You take it from there.