Pool Party Ideas

Gibraltar Pool Party Ideas

5 Great Themes for Your Pool Party

What better way to enjoy a warm summer evening than to throw a party in your own backyard! Next time you invite your friends and family over for a swim, try one of these fun and unique party themes.

  • Hawaiian LuauTurn your backyard into a tropical paradise! Play Hawaiian music in the background and have your guests dress in Hawaiian shirts or grass skirts. Welcome them with homemade leis or seashell necklaces, and decorate with bright tropical colors. You can create the ambiance of a tropical island by putting up tiki torches and scattering tropical flowers on the tables. For dinner, grill up some skewers with chicken, pineapple and veggies, or treat your guests to an authentic pig roast. To top off your magical evening, serve tropical drinks and beverages in cups made of hollowed-out half coconuts. And don’t forget to play a few games like the limbo or a hula dance contest.

  • Movie NightIn memory of the good old fashioned drive-in movie theaters, try hosting movie night in your own backyard with a “float-in”! Fill your pool with inflatable lounge chairs and inner-tubes. Then, move your big-screen TV outside or rent a projector and screen for the night. Pick a new release to watch, or try “Finding Nemo” for the kids. Don’t forget to serve movie snacks! Buttered popcorn, nachos, soda and candy are always a hit!
  • RomanticInvite your “special someone” for a romantic evening by the pool, or invite a few couples over for a party under the stars. Fill your pool with floating candles and rose petals, and line the edges of the pool with tea lights. You can also hang strands of white lights from the trees. Don’t forget to set the mood with some romantic music. Instead of serving dinner, set up a chocolate fondue fountain with fresh fruit.

  • Latin American FiestaTry out this fun and easy party theme! Line your pool with Mexican blankets and sombreros, and set up small tables with paper flowers as the centerpieces. Hang a candy-filled piñata from a tree and invite guests to take a swing. You can also set up a backyard dance floor and hire a dance instructor to give Salsa or Meringue lessons. For dinner, how about a variety of South American style empanadas (mini meat pies filled with ground beef, chicken, or corn and cheese), or grill up fajitas on the barbeque and serve with sour cream and guacamole… and of course chips and salsa! Muy Delicioso!
  • Beach PartyWhy make a long, arduous, gas guzzling drive to the crowded beach when your very own pool serves as the perfect centerpiece for a backyard beach party? Use sea shells and beach umbrellas to decorate the backyard, and cover the grass with bright colored towels and giant beach balls. Throw some balls into the pool too, or float some toy boats in the water. Heat up the barbeque and grill hotdogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers. Serve with corn on the cob, potato salad and fresh-squeezed lemonade… and Popsicles for dessert! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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