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Go Green! 6 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) suggests these six proven ways to reduce your pool’s energy use.

  • Cover up.A cover can make a 50% to 70% difference in energy saved on pool heating, depending on your climate zone and the time of year.

  • Pay Close Attention To Your Pool’s Pump And Filter.Reduce your filter operation times as much as possible. It is suggested that you reduce your filter operating times to no less than four or five hours per day during the summer. Normal and heavier swimming use may require as much as eight or more hours of filtration per day. Should water clarity or chemical imbalance indicate inadequate filtration, immediately operate the filter until acceptable water clarity again has been established. If additional filtration is still indicated, increase the filter operating time in half hour increments, until the water remains clear and properly balanced chemically.
  • Ensure That the Strainer Is Not Clogged With Debris.This is another key to efficient and energy savings operation of your pump and filter. Leaves and other debris can clog the filter and the strainer basket in the pump and skimmer, causing the pump to use more energy to do its job.
  • Use Discretion When Heating Your Pool.First, consider a proper pool temperature. Excessive pool temperature is wasteful – just like overheating a room.

  • Don’t Heat a Warm Pool.Examine the circumstances within your climactic zone and determine in advance your own swimming season. Turn off a heater if you have one, if you deem it unnecessary during the warmest summer months.
  • Determine The Length Of Time Your Heater Operates.Take a look at the length of time your heater operates during a given time period, and then see how it compares to the time your family is actually in the pool. Less energy is required to re-heat a pool for a weekend or special occasion than to maintain a constant temperature all week. But keep in mind that it takes about one hour to raise your pool’s temperature just one degree. So be sure to allow enough time for the water to reach a comfortable temperature.

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