Our Saunas

Our Saunas

Welcome to Gibraltar Pools & Spas Saunas section. Here you will find a wide variety of quality Saunas from some of the nation’s top suppliers.

Tylö Saunas

Warmth and Water

Warmth and water are the basis for all life and for all that we do here at Gibraltar Pools & Spas in partnership with our supplier Tylö. Since the early 1950s Tylö has been developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality products that have helped raise bathing to the art of relaxation and enjoyment.

Today Tylö leads the way worldwide in creating inspiring environments for saunas, showers and steam bathing, both at home and in public facilities. Tylö leads the field in terms of the breadth of their range, the quality and design of their products and the degree of technical innovation. And, to ensure that they can always be 100% certain of supplying the high quality that our customers have learned to expect of Tylö, they manufacture the components and assemble the equipment in their own purpose-built factory. That’s why a Tylö product is always the safest of choices when you want to enjoy the pleasures of warmth and water or a combination of both to the full.

Traditional Saunas

Impression sauna – On just a minimum of floor space Tylö has created a sauna which can be equipped for both traditional sauna and soothing steam sauna. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit into any standard bathroom. The sauna room comes in 6 different sizes from 1.3 cu.m. to 2.8 cu.m. The lacquered aluminium profiles of the frame conform to a registered design that ensures maximum versatility within the unique Tylö system. They simply clip together, so no screws are needed for assembly. The sleek lines of the design are a joy to behold – and simplicity itself to clean. The detachable jalousies make the sauna room even more versatile and also help making it easy when cleaning.

Impression sauna

Infrared Saunas

Infra cabin Prime 910 – Through the built-in infra panels the Tylö infra cabin “Prime” provides soothing long-wave heat. The infrared heat gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation and wellbeing, this infrared heat is the same kind that the sun provides us with. The infrared heat itself is generated by the CarbonFlex™ heating panels and due to the huge surface area of these heating panels the heat is evenly distributed, providing a comfortable surface temperature to the bathers. The CarbonFlex™ heating panels contains well-proven techniques which provide both reliability and safety.

Infra cabin Prime 910

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